Campground Information


The Main Campground is located by Denison High School and North side Recreation Center on N 16th Street.

The RV Campground is located at the Crawford County Fairgrounds on HWY 39 North.

Baggage Truck

Located at the Main Campground by the high school and Northside Rec

Charter Campgrounds

Looking for a team.  Here’s where the charter campgrounds

Charter Campgrounds – Location

Pork Belly – Northside Rec South Soccer Field

Brancel Charters – Golf Course

Out of Staters –  High School Ball Fields

Quad City Bicycle Club – Old Hospital

Ron Oman Charters -Northside Rec NE Ball Field

Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers –  Washington Park

Bike World -Northside Rec NW Ball field

Bikes To You -7th St Ave C Ball Field

Bicyclists of Iowa City- High School Ball Fields

Cedar Valley Cyclists – Middle School Football Field

Padre’s Cycle Inn – Tennis Court

Lake County Cyclists – Tuckers Park

Lost & Found Adventurers – Broadway Elementary School

Iowa Valley Bicycle Club – North side Rec Soccer Field SW

Argo Riverbed Bicycle Club – Between Ball Diamond and High School

Melon City Bike Club – Union Park

North Iowa Touring Club  – High School Between Softball Diamond and Parking Lot

Emmetsburg Bike Club – High School Behind Ball Diamonds

RAGBRAI In Style – 7th St Ave C with Bikes to You

RV Camping – Fairgrounds

APSports/RV Camping – Stables at Copper Ridge

Family Campground – Little League Ball Fields

RAGBRAI Support Group/Dream Team – Flag Football/Ball Fields

Support Vehicle Camp  –  Middle School/Bohlmans

Bikers Campground – Water Tower/Soccer Field


Bike Clubs          

Bike Burlington – Middle School Football Field South Half

Dubuque Bike Club – Middle School North Side of Building

Marion-Cedar Rapids Road Hogs – North of Pool Fence Below Water Tower

Air Force Cycling Team – High School Behind Ball Fields


Denison, Iowa – With somewhere near 20,000 RAGBRAI-affiliated visitors expected to visit Denison on July 22nd, the RAGBRAI Denison housing committee is looking for volunteers to provide various space to riders during their visit.

CLICK HERE for the online form or CLICK HERE  for a printable form to volunteer to provide housing for RAGBRAI.

We need help from volunteer hosts who can provide parking for motor-homes, space for tents, bed or floor space, or bathroom facilities.

Hosts are only expected to provide a place for riders to rest their heads for the night. The space provided may be either inside or outside. Local housing volunteers are not required to entertain guests or provide them with amenities. Hosts are not required to transport or feed the riders.

RAGBRAI riders utilizing local housing would have the option of placing a portable restroom on the property, which would be obtained at the expense of the riders staying at the property.

Riders are expected to arrive in town beginning mid-afternoon on 07/22/2018. They would leave the following morning and be back on the road by 9 a.m. on 07/23/2018.

Sign up as soon as possible to provide various housing services. Visit the RAGBRAI Denison website housing information page at to fill out an online form  or printable form and submit it to the RAGBRI Denison Housing committee. Riders will begin making housing requests on May 1st, 2018.

For questions or additional information regarding housing or other RAGBRAI related topics visit or by e-mail at