Denison RAGBRAI Camping FAQ’s

Q: Who do I call to reserve a campsite?

A: The deadline for reserved campsites was June 15, 2018. After June 15, 2018 everything is first come, first serve.


Q: Do you still have room for me?

A: Yes, we do still have places for all Official RAGBRAI banded riders in Denison.


Q: Where is the main campground located?

A: Denison High School on North 16th Street and 8th Ave North


Q: Can anyone get into the main campground to camp?

A: NO, only those who are registered riders of RAGBRAI can get into the main campground.  Access to this area is ONLY for those who have passes that you applied for and that you were given by RAGBRAI. (VEHICLE PASS, RIDER BAND)


Q: If I called and got a reserved spot already where do I go?

A: Teams and charters that called before the June 15th deadline have already been placed in areas around Denison. Your team contact has your information.


Q: Can I camp any place I want?

A: No, there are designated areas for campers.


Q: Are there areas marked for open camping?

A: Yes, they are in the main campground.  (16th Street and 8th Ave N)


Q: Is there a map?

A: It will be coming shortly on our website and Facebook page


Q: I have a camper, were do I go?

A: The official campground for RV’s is the Crawford County Fairgrounds.  They are located at the intersection of Highway 39 and Ave. C in Denison. This campground is only for RAGBRAI banded campers and riders – this is a first come, first serve campground.


Q: Is there electrical available at the RV Campground?

A: Yes, there is limited electrical available on a first come, first serve basis. The Crawford County Fairgrounds will charge a fee for electrical service if spots are available.