Vendor Booth Information & Guidelines

Updated 5.16.2018

Thank you for expressing interest in being a food vendor for RAGBRAI. This letter is designed to answer some of your questions and assist you in filling out the application. We are very excited about RAGBRAI coming to Denison on July 22nd. We are expecting a crowd of more than 20,000 people and we need to feed them all!

We want every organization and business to be successful, which will in turn make RAGBRAI a success for the entire community.

Denison and State Vendor/Health Information

Denison RAGBRAI® Vendor Booth Information (PDF)

Denison RAGBRAI® Vendor Application (PDF)

State of Iowa Inspector Food License Requirements Information (PDF)

State of Iowa Application to Operate a Temporary Food Establishment (PDF)


Non-Profit Vendors: $300
Electricity: $50
For-Profit Vendors: $750
Electricity: $75
50amp plug: $125

This fee will be required before any organization will be permitted to be a RAGBRAI vendor.

Checks should be made payable to: Denison RAGBRAI 2018 LLC

With the payment of this fee and if approved, vendors will receive a space up to 20’ by 20’, advertising in an information packet handed out to the riders. All official RAGBRAI vendors will be featured on official maps. If a larger space is needed, please contact us for pricing.

Food vendors may also be required to obtain a Temporary Food Stand Permit from the Shelby County Environmental Health Western Iowa Regional Inspections. Details will be discussed at the Food Safety Certification Class.

APPROVAL: The Denison RAGRAI committee will make recommendations to the City of Denison. The City of Denison will approve all permits and have sole discretion to decline to issue a permit for any reason, provided, however, that no applicant for a permit shall be denied based upon the race, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, or country of origin of the applicant.

LOCATIONS: The beverage garden and most vendors will be set up in the Uptown area, the Main Campground, and the Crawford County Fair Grounds area serving as the “Last Pass-through Town” before Denison. The fee will be the same for all three areas.

PRICING: It will be up to each vendor to set their own prices. Our committee will be happy to assist you in making recommendations on prices. The RAGBRAI officials
recommend that two prices be offered for main items or a meal – one for registered RAGBRAI participants (all registered riders and support personnel will have a wristband) and anyone wearing an official Denison RAGBRAI t-shirt, and another price for all others. (For example, if your meal will be $7.00, make this your wristband/t-shirt price and charge $8.00 for others.) To assure that prices are fair and reasonable, we ask that these be listed on your application.

FOOD SAFETY: Food safety is very important. It is required that every food vendor attends a Food Safety Certification Class before vendor approval will be given. This requirement is also necessary for any group who serves at their own site (i.e.
church.) All food vendors will receive information on ate and time of Food Safety Class. The Shelby County Environmental Health Western Iowa Regional Inspections will inspect all food vendors on or before July 22, 2018. The Health and Inspections Division will be monitoring all food vendors. If they find a group or organization set up selling food that has not met the requirements, they will shut the group down immediately.

Printable version: State of Iowa Application to Operate a Temporary Food Establishment (PDF)

Printable version: State of Iowa Inspector Food License Requirements Information (PDF)

SALES TAX: An Iowa Temporary Sales Tax Return needs to be completed and returned to the address listed on the form. Forms will be distributed at the Food Safety Certification Class.

INSURANCE: All vendors will be required to show proof of liability insurance. This should be included with application.

BOOTH SETUP: Setup may begin as early as noon on Saturday, July 21. Booths must be set up and ready for inspection by 10:00am on Sunday, July 22. Inspections by Shelby County Environmental Health Western Iowa Regional Inspections will begin at 10:00am. Food vendors will not have specific inspection time assigned to them. You must be ready for inspection. All needed electrical cords must be supplied by
the individual vendors.

HOURS OF OPERATION: While support people will arrive before riders, RAGBRAI riders will start arriving before noon, with most riders arriving between 2:00-6:00pm. All vendors must be setup prior to 10:00am on Sunday, July 22. We
encourage all vendors to stay open later to accommodate riders.

ICE: Ice will be sold on site.

ELECTRICITY: Please let us know in advance if you require special plugs or adapters for you booth.

CLEAN UP: Vendors will be expected to have their areas as clean when they leave as when they arrived. Trash receptacles will be provided to help. If we all work together, we will have a clean and safe environment for our guests and our community. A $100 cleanup deposit is required and will be returned after the area has been inspected at the end of the event and upon departure. Deposits will be returned by mail. There will be no deposit charge for vendors operating at t heir established locations (i.e. churches). All food vendors will be required to be cleaned up by noon Monday, July 23. There are no sites to dump grease. All grease will need to be taken with vendors and disposed of properly at other designated locations.

SIGNAGE: Each vendor will receive two “Official RAGBRAI Vendor” posters, which should be visible at all times. Other signage will be the responsibility of the vendor. It is recommended that signs be large and easy to read with menu items and prices. It is also recommended that vendors have a sign they can display if and when they run out of food.

SUCCESS: The task of serving so many in one evening is great, and we hope that with the willingness and cooperation of many, Denison can be hospitable and accommodating to all of our visitors. Our vendors are an important part of our
success. The Vending Committee is available to answer your questions and help you be successful when RAGBRAI comes to Denison on Sunday, July 22, 2018. We believe everyone can win, but only if there is good communication and everyone
works together.

FURTHER INFORMATION: All vendor applications need to be submitted by June 1st. If necessary, additional information will be provided to all vendors as available. There will be enforcement monitoring vendor activity. Any unauthorized vendors who have not registered with the Denison Official RAGBRAI Committee will be reported and shut down immediately.


Denison RAGBRAI® Committee Members:
(Please do not call before 5pm)

Rick Carstensen – or 712-269-0117
Matt Hildebrand – or 605-376-2842

State of Iowa Health Inspection:

Western Iowa Regional Inspection
1411 Industrial Parkway
Harlan, Iowa 51537
Phone: (712) 755-2609
Fax: (712) 755-2519