Volunteers are needed, literally by the hundreds to take care of our thousands of guests coming to town on July 22.  There is something for everyone to help out with.  Many hand make for light work.

CLICK HERE for a printable volunteer application.   

Here’s a handy list of all the ways you can help promote Denison.

Beverage Garden: Sell tickets, check I.D.s for age-restricted areas, apply wristbands, & serve beverages. Help needed setting up on Saturday, staffing the beverage garden on Sunday, and clean up Monday morning. Volunteers working in the beverage garden are required to attend a TIPS training to learn how to check I.D.s and identify warning signs of over indulgence of alcohol.

Budget: Assist in financial aspect of the event.

Campgrounds: Stake sites, direct riders and drivers in setting up, and patrol campground boundaries. After riders leave, remove stakes and signage and do a general cleanup of anything left in the campground areas.

Communications – Coordinates all communication during RAGBRAI. Will work closely with all committees, but especially Transportation, Information Center and Public Safety Committees.

Electrical: Assist in carrying out power needs for committees, vendors, and events for RAGBRAI

Entertainment & Special Events: Coordinate entertainment and special events to take place, from special rider involvement contests to bands during the RAGBRAI visit as well as any special events.

Food & Vendors: Coordinates all aspects of bringing in food and vendors working with such things as contracts. Fields requests from individuals and organizations that want to sell products and services.   This includes the distribution and sale of ice to the vendors, Beverage Garden, and possibly RAGBRAI participants. Works with RAGBRAI and local authorities to keep renegade vendors outside the community.

Hospitality: Place & remove signs, sell t-shirts, welcome riders, shake hands, & share your hospitality! Volunteers needed from mid-morning through evening on the day of RAGBRAI & again the day after cheering on riders as they leave town.

Housing Coordination: Recruit housing and assist in matching those offering and those seeking housing. Much of this will need to be done weeks prior to the actual event.

Information Center: A primary resource for riders as they seek information! Distribute maps, answer questions, provide directions, refer to services. Help needed setting up the Information Center the day before, staffing the booth all day & into the evening the day of RAGBRAI & the morning after for a short time. Volunteers also may need to attend a training session.

LAW ENFORCEMENT & MEDICAL: Professionally trained individuals names interested in assisting in these area will be forwarded to the committee chairpersons for possible recruitment .

Public Safety :Assist with traffic flow, by assisting in developing and publishing maps for both riders & vehicles, placement of barricades & signs, and possibly assisting Law Enforcement in directing traffic & other jobs keep everyone SAFE!

Publicity: Coordinates publicity prior to the event and works with media prior to and during the event. Four sub-groups work under the Publicity Committee: Signs, Marketing/Media, Maps and Speakers Bureau. Coordinates release of information to the media to generate local interest in hosting RAGBRAI. Oversees printing a tabloid as a hand out to riders (if needed ) Works closely with the Hospitality and Web & Social Media Committees.

Ride Right: Distribute posters throughout our community on bicycle safety during the months of May – July.   Travel the route 4 to 5 days in advance of the event to distribute flyers and note any roadway concerns, and will travel the route to the next overnight town on Tuesday to pick up route markers and any other signage.

Showers & Sanitation: Monitor and charge admission to showers at schools and at the Aquatic Fun Center. Also sets up and monitors receptacles for trash, recycling, and redemption throughout the day as necessary.

Transportation: Arranges transportation from campgrounds to entertainment, food service & showers. Coordinates use of golf carts & gators, sets up route schedules, recruits drivers and hostesses, secures parking areas. Shuttle service hosts are stationed at bus stops to answer questions, provide maps, &refer to activities in town.

Volunteer Coordination: Recruits & Coordinates volunteers to assist all areas both months prior and during the event.   Strives for total community involvement from kindergartners to people in nursing homes.

Web & Social Media: Manages RAGBRAI website and social media content before, during and after the event. Works with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We might be biased but this is the best way anyone can possibly give back to their community.  It’s an honor and privilege to serve.